7 Rules to Pick the Best Domain Name

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It is really important to select the best for everything. When it comes to domain names, the same theorem should be applied. When you are going to select the best domain name for your website, you can’t do it at once. There are certain factors to consider and there are some rules to follow if you want to pick the best domain name for your website.

1. Make the Domain Unique

You should select a unique domain name. When you select a unique domain name it will be remembered by the people. Do not choose domains that are plural, hyphenated, or misspelled versions of already established domains. It won’t return you the result you expect.

2. BrainStorm Top 5 Keywords

When you are going to choose the best domain name for your website first you should list some terms and phrases which describe your business or the organization. Then find another perfect matching phrase which will fit to your selected terms. This will lead you for the perfect domain name which you are searching for.

3. Make It Easy to Type

The domain name you select should be easy to type. If the user gets much time and attention to type your domain name, then your domain name is not user-friendly. Then there is a possibility of user going for the search option in the browsers which will lead them to other websites. So your website will lead to less traffic. Therefore you must choose an easy to type domain.

4. Make It Easy to Remember

This is a very important rule. The reason for this is that the SERP dominance and word-of-mouth both rely on the factor of remembering the domain. If your domain is easy to remember, then your visitors or customers will recommend it to their friends with your domain name which will lead to new visitors and customers.

5. Keep the Name Short as Possible

When your domain name is short and sweet it will be easy to remember and easy to type. And since websites are promoted in the social network, the domains which are short and sweet will be highlighted in them.

6. Don’t Include Hyphens and Numbers

When you are choosing your domain name do not include hyphens and numbers, because then that easy to remember and easy to type characters will fall down leading to the lower rankings in SERPs.

7. Only Choose .com Available Domains

When it comes to the TLD extensions there are so many options. But the most recognized one is the .com category. Users always look into .com domain names, because it is the one familiar to them. So choosing a domain name with the .com extension will lead your website to more traffic. 

After following all these rules you will be able find the best domain name for your website. After selecting the domain name the next task is to find a place to register your domain name. Well, when it comes to domain registering sites, Godaddy.com is the most recommended and recognized place where you can register your domain. With the services like Godaddy renewal coupon and Godaddy renewal promo code you can have many benefits. Godaddy renewal coupon and Godaddy renewal promo code will help you to have discounts on your Godaddy purchases. Couponal.com is a place where you can find these promo codes and coupons offered by Godaddy. They offer services such as Godaddy promo code, Godaddy coupon, Godaddy renewal coupon and lot more services. 

So if you need to find the best domain name, follow these rules and you will see the results. 

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