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7 Rules to Pick the Best Domain Name

It is really important to select the best for everything. When it comes to domain names, the same theorem should be applied. When you are going to select the best domain name for your website, you can’t do it at once. There are certain factors to consider and there are some rules to follow if

Why to Choose Godaddy Email Marketing

There is a famous saying which says “Money is in the list”. The term list here refers to the email list which we have. After the invention of Email to the world, it has become very useful for many people in various ways. When it comes to businesses and companies, even today Email plays a

Benefits of Linux Web Hosting

In today’s day and age, unless you offer a unique business, there’s a strong possibility that you require a professional and fully optimized website in order to help your business to grow, expand, and compete with other similar companies. Some businesses simply require websites as a form of advertising and to help them appear professional,

Recovering Expired Godaddy Domains

Recovering Expired Godaddy Domains ​ In case your domain expires,  you can still recover it during the renewal grace and registry redemption periods in most cases.  This procedure ONLY puts on gTLDs (. com,. internet,. org,. details,. biz,. mobi, ... consisting of the new ones, e.g. .PHOTOs or.CLUB).  If you have a domain registered at

How to Save on Godaddy domain registration

Godaddy domain registration There’s a saying that goes ‘money saved is money earned’ and in the world of business, never has a saying rang truer. As a business owner, it doesn’t matter how successful you are, how much money you make, and how much time you need to save, as far as your finances are

Godaddy Pros and Cons of Choosing Web Hosting

Godaddy web hosting is becoming more and more popular with each passing day, and rightfully so when you stop and really think about why that is. If you wish to stand any chance of making it in the business world, you need to be two steps ahead of your competitors at all times, which is

Top Domain Name Search

Top Domain Name Search Criteria: Below are the few important points need to be taken care of while top domain name searching for your website or company as it can be used as your identity on business cards, marketing brand names, promotional materials, etc. It acts like a useful branding tool for your business. Domain

Top Web Hosting Reviewed by

Couponal brings to you the best of web hosting services technology today. With so many hosting providers always offering extensive hosting packages, including site builder tools, domains, and disk space, making the right web hosting decision can be a challenge. Our web hosting comparison chart will save you a lot of time and money! Every

Vultr VPS One-Click OpenVPN Function

Hi all, This article all you guys can find on original at Vultr here This article contains information about the OpenVPN application that can be deployed on Vultr. App Details OpenVPN runs on the CentOS 6 x64 operating system. You can log into this system with an SSH client using the root login found on your