3 Common mistakes when choosing a web hosting service

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Currently, there are over one hundred million different and fully unique websites currently available on the internet, so as you can probably tell, having a website is kind of a big deal, and that’s putting things mildly. Each and every single one of these sites has its very own domain name however, which will need to be renewed every so often. How often is down to the owner, as they can choose when they renew. 

Here’s a look at 3 useful tips on how to secure your own domain name for your business. 

Choosing the Cheapest Possible Option

Ok, as business owners, and people with bank accounts in general, naturally you will want to save as much money as possible, and not spend money just for the sake of it, as that just makes sense. However, in business, there are some things you can’t scrimp on, and web hosting is one of those things. There are plenty of free web hosting companies out there that would happily host your domain name for free, but the problem is that they are not secure, they are not reliable, and they aren’t efficient. You run the risk of running out of bandwidth, you run the risk of being subjected to cyber-attacks, and much more besides. 

Not Searching for Vouchers and Coupons

The great thing about companies like Godaddy, is the fact that they not only offer affordable services, but they also offer Godaddy renewal promo code deals, and other similar deals, that allow you to save even more money. If you decide to renew your domain name with Godaddy, a quick online search for a Godaddy renewal coupon will save you a very significant amount of money. You basically get rewarded for being loyal as your Godaddy renewal promo code, or your Godaddy renewal coupon, will mean that renewing your domain name will be even cheaper than it was before. Not only do you get renewal codes, there are also various other codes, vouchers, and coupons, all waiting to be found online, so take the time to perform a quick search. 

Obsessing Over 'Unlimited Bandwith'

Just because a web hosting service may say that they offer ‘unlimited bandwidth’ that does not necessarily mean that they do, which is why you need to be clear and read the small print. Many companies for example, will claim to offer unlimited bandwidth, but if you read the small print, you may find that they only offer it “within reasonable use”. This “reasonable use” can be anything they like, and if you exceed it, you may incur additional charges that you didn’t budget for, and nobody wants that. 

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