What you need to consider before paying for a Domain

Domain Name

Business Plan

First of all, make sure that you have a very sound understanding how the internet market works and how your website is found. There are also over 1000 ways of making money on the internet so have a clear plan exactly how you are going to use your website and to what niche you will be targeting your marketing efforts. Understand the fundamentals of how search engines find your site and how you use these to promote your products and services.
Also, make sure that you have a brand name in place. If you are promoting other people’s products this is easy because the brand name is already there but if you are promoting your own products then the brand name becomes an essential part of how you are going to use search engines. You will have the facility of being trained but before you give your domain a name consider all these factors first. The reason is once you have paid for a domain you cannot change the name and if you do decide to change at a later stage you will need to buy another domain.

Search Engines

Your domain name should relate to the niche that you are going to sell your services or products in. If for example, you are going to sell sporting gear your domain name should have that in the address. As an example your domain name will have “bestsportgear.com” and when someone is searching for sports gear the search engine will lead the visitor to your site. By using web hosts like Godaddy you will have the facility to do keyword analyses search and that your domain name or brand name ranks within the best competitive ranks.

Make sure that you have a domain name that will be context of your brand and logo. Give this careful thought as this is not a quick process and once you go live it is not possible to change your domain name.

User friendly

It is important that the web host that you are going to use has a web hosting platform that is easy to understand before you purchase your domain. Most web hosting sites have the facility to have a free site but their particular name will be in the domain name until such time that you decide to invest in your own domain name. Make sure that once you purchase that domain name the sites name can be taken off which Godaddy can offer you.

If you are unfamiliar with websites starting off with new free site will give you a good insight on how easy it will be for you to do the settings, control the plugins and most of all editing the appearance of your site which is the appearance of your shop or business so needs to be of the highest quality. Once you have found it to your liking you can purchase the domain name.


This is one of the most important criteria to consider when you are going to buy a domain from a web hosting site. Purchasing a domain through Godaddy is a promise we will keep. You will be offered the best 24/7 support to ensure that if your domain stopped functioning properly the problems will be solved by our technicians.
You also need to find out what percentage uptime the web host will offer and it should not be less than 99,9% because the only time you can make money is when your website is live.


With Godaddy, you will be investing into one of the best SSL certificates available. This will make sure that you and your customers are protected from losing any of your valuable information. The customers will be able to trade with the assurance that their credit card and banking details will be safe when they are using your site.
This is extremely important because without having the top SSL certificate you will not get the customers trust and it will eventually cost you your business.


Before you decide on purchasing a domain make sure that building your website it is easy to update the themes, the colours and the way the pictures are displayed. It is important to be able to do this so that your website can be refreshed with a new look with a minimum effort from you and that way keep it exciting for the visitors. The average visit to a website is only a few seconds so it is important that your website is good to look at and exciting to make the visitor inquisitive enough to explore it further and what it offers.

There are also background plugins that need to be updated from time to time. The updates should only be a click of a button. These background updates are what ensures that your website will be found and they must be easy to update to keep up with the search engine technology.

Finally, make sure that your website has an analyses plugin so that you are able to analyse how often your websites are being visited. It is important to get all this data because it gives you an idea how well it is being received and which changes that you have made gets you better responses.

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