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GoDaddy runs a number of deals and discount rates. If you're a domainer, you shouldn't be paying huge amount for domain name registrations at GoDaddy. Given that a lot of visitors utilize GoDaddy, I assumed, it may be beneficial to diminish the different Godaddy coupon codes and discount deals in this web page.

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New Security Measures by Chrome on Websites Without SSL Encryption

Google is constantly looking for ways to enhance security. Their next step is to address their web browser to make it more secure. The Google Security Blog released the news. The new security measure will address those website acquired with or without a GoDaddy coupon that doesn't have a valid SSL certificate.

When the New Security Measures by Chrome will start showing

If you browse on websites bought with a GoDaddy 99 cent that doesn't take care of security, the new version of Chrome will let your visitors know. The Chrome version expected to be launched in January 2017 will have an added window. The new window is meant to display a message warning about unencrypted web pages.

Although the internet browser will let users get into the site, the notice will arise suspicious among users. They will be worried about their security because of the message. The alarm is going to create awareness particularly on non-tech users, who will fear your site.

Potential Consequences for Unencripted Websites

Besides the security risk of an unencrypted website, Chrome’s alarmist message will damage your reputation. Regular users will not feel confident while navigating in your page. The money you saved with GoDaddy coupons will be wasted if people do not trust your site. They will not want to subscribe to your newsletter or get an account for your exclusive information.

It is better to solve the SSL certificate issue before the new security measures by chrome apply in January.

What is SSL Encription

Encryption is a way to hide information. In the web, there are SSL certificates to encrypt the information you are transmitting. They are called cryptographic protocols, and they are meant to ensure that only the receiver can understand the information you are sending.

Think of SSL as a key to open the envelope containing the information you are sending through the web. It is particularly important when you use passwords, or if you interchange sensitive information like your credit card. If you are not sending vital information that can later be used against you, then the SSL encryption is not necessary.

For example, if you are writing a blog about lifestyle, then there is no need for SSL Encryption. Your website is not meant to handle sensitive information. However, if you add to your site a login option to give up more information, then it is better if you use SSL Encryption. That way you will protect your user names and passwords from unwanted eyes. When a hacker steals a password, he can use it to get access to other sites. Users tend to use the same password for more than one place, and you will be putting your users at risk if you don’t have enough security measures.

For doing online business, like e-commerce, the SSL Encryption is a must. Credit cards and personal information is exchanged in such transactions. The use of the strongest possible security is needed to ensure you can go on in business. SSL Encryption is just the minimum recommendation in such cases.

Why is Chrome Making the Changes

Hackers are looking for ways to take advantage of security issues. One of the most common problems is to fish for information on unencrypted sites. HTTP is easy to intercept, and Chrome’s measure is meant to warn people about disclosing sensitive information on those sites.

How can you Solve the Problem

If you used a GoDaddy coupon when you put together your website the first time, you might have nothing to worry about. Even the GoDaddy 99 cent promotions have the option of using SSL certificates to encrypt the information.

However, you have to make the configuration manually. The sole GoDaddy coupons do not ensure you have activated the SSL certificates included with your hosting package.

It is straightforward to add SSL certificates to your site. Most vendors have the option to add it to step-by-step guides to help you through the process. In general terms, you have to request the certificate, do the download and installation, and finally the administration. Once you are done, your site will be protected, and all you needed was the right GoDaddy coupon to get an SSL certificate for free.

If you are engaged with potentially attractive activities for hackers like an online store, we recommend you to go further. Don’t stay with your GoDaddy 99 cent promotion, and enhance your security. The number of certificates you get with GoDaddy coupons for hosting is limited. There are other specialized services you can use to get a stronger site.

Check now before the new Chrome version is released and enhance your security adding an SSL certificate for your website.


The new security measures by chrome on websites without SSL encryption are meant to protect users. Your visitors will be discouraged to browse your web page if you don’t have such security measures. All the traffic you hardly achieved can be reduced just because of the lack of encryption.

Most GoDaddy coupons give you an SSL certificate for free, and all you have to do is go ahead with the installation. Avoid losing reputation points and protect your visitors with your current GoDaddy coupon promotion. There is still time since the launch of the new Google Chrome is scheduled for January 2017. Check your SSL certificates and if necessary make the adjustments.

Why You Should Back Up Your Website as Often as Possible

Almost everything we do runs the risk of getting lost especially when the most current version is concerned. This aspect is true for documents as well as other items. For websites, the need is even more. Imagine having made use of that valuable GoDaddy coupon only to see your website vanish, and you have to start from zero again. Worse still, among the GoDaddy coupons available, you picked the very best in terms of the value for money and other aspects. This calls for backing up of the website and here are the reasons you should do so.

Godaddy 99 cent coupon


No one wants to wake up to a deleted website after celebrating that GoDaddy 99 cent coupon. While most web hosting services offer backup, they do so on a daily basis. That means that they back up the website every 24 hours. However, you might have made an important update only a few hours ago and waiting for 24 hours to have it backed up might be too risky an endeavor. Say you have used that GoDaddy coupon to build the most beautiful website you can think of. Better back that up. 


If you back up your website on the hard drive of your computer, the chances are that you have to keep it updated at all times. For this reason, after choosing among the many GoDaddy coupons available, ensure you back up the website as much as possible given that the original version stored on the hard drive could easily get obsolete. With a GoDaddy 99 cent coupon, you have the chance to create a beautiful website which will most likely contain a lot of important data for use by the customers or visitors to your website.


Being hacked is a literal nightmare. Work that you could have built for years following that GoDaddy coupon may be lost in a second especially if the hack is meant to wipe out your database. Rather than getting sullen and looking for a way to get a new coupon from one of the many GoDaddy coupons, one should back up their website in whatever method they choose. In this way, you will be able to brush off the trauma from the hack by sampling launching a new website with all the capabilities of the previous one.


Imagine you are about to take a nap after working the whole day trying to set up the website you promised your customers. However, you realize that all that hard work that started with a GoDaddy 99 cent coupon would go to waste if anything went wrong with the new website. If you had backed up that website, you would have nothing to worry about besides thanking yourself for having capitalized on the provisions of the GoDaddy coupon and how it has led to a new creation in the form of your website.


When upgrading from the GoDaddy 99 cent coupon, you will need to take several measures to ensure that your new website stays in line with what you set out to do. For example, you may want to upgrade to the latest CMS software. Rather than initially starting with the needed GoDaddy coupons,one can start with the basic ones then slowly upgrade to the higher tiers. You might lose all the data on the website when upgrading to the new software. However, when you have all the data backed up, you will be back in business in no time.


Say you or one of the other employees mistakenly deletes a vital file on the database that makes the website go haywire. The only remedy could be rewriting the file a new. But, while you do so, your customers could be wondering where the hell you went to. With a backup, you only need to restore the deleted files from the previous session, and you will be good to go. It saves on various items such as the costs and time that would go into creating new content from scratch.


It is almost impossible to prevent one’s website from malware, Trojan horses, and viruses of various types. At every time the website is up and running, one should ensure that they have the right backup in place since these malware are likely to delete or change the working of the whole website. In any way one can, they should back up each and every file on the website. The backup should be preferably in real time to ensure that no files are lost during the infection by the virus.


There are various ways of backing up the website and they include -

  • Backups provided by the website hosting service provider.
  • Third-party backup websites which work independently of the hosting service.
  • Installation of backup plugins on the website. These work by keeping the website updated according to the needs of the website such that the latest file of the website is available in the designated type of file.
  • If the website is small, one can simply compress the files on the website and store them in a location of choice for ease of access when the need for restoration arises.

8 Tips to You Became a Sucessful  Domain Investor 2016

So, you are looking to start your own domain store. If you’ve seen one of those testimonials with 5 to 6 number deals, you may think it is a profitable business to get rich fast. It is not. Only 1% of the domain sales make that much profit. You can use a GoDaddy 99 cent coupon to get a domain you might never sell. Even if you buy a hundred domains using a GoDaddy 99 cent domain. offer, then you might have spent 100 dollars with no real chance of selling the domains you just bought.

But don’t panic. We will give you 8 tips to you become a successful domain investor. All realistic, as a GoDaddy 99 cent domain you can get right now. Using a GoDaddy coupon is part of the secret we are going to share, so keep on reading and get back on track to build a successful domain store.


A lot has to do with choosing the right domain. There are some simple rules you should follow as a starter:

  • ·         Prefer one-word domains.
  • ·         Look for catchy words for a one-world domain.
  • ·         The best one-word domains are 5 letters or less.
  • ·         Get only .com domains.
  • ·         Don’t get anything above three words domains.
  • ·         Look for good combinations that sound natural for multiple-word domains.
  • ·         Choose easy to spell words.

Your GoDaddy 99 cent domain might not be useful if you follow these rules. But still, you can find a GoDaddy coupon to get a discount of at least 30%. A cheap domain will get you more profits when you sell them.


If you’ve found an excellent deal for an attractive, don’t be too tempted to take it eyes closed. Even if it is a GoDaddy 99 cent domain, it might not be as good as it sounds. As a general rule of thumb avoid trademarks. Let me explain you why.

In recent years, some countries have improved their regulations to protect intellectual property and registered trademarks. If you get a domain that is a registered trademark, you might get sued for that. You might not be a domain investor in jail, but you will have lost your GoDaddy 99 cent coupon, plus time and a headache because, in the end, you’ll have to return it to its legitimate owners. That is right. Law now says that a trademark cannot be used by somebody else as a domain name.

Unless you are familiar with your local regulations and have a plan to sell a trademark domain, don’t buy it.

godaddy coupon code


Names are endless. So are opportunities, but you might get lost if you don’t focus. Choose a niche, and stick to it. Use a GoDaddy coupon to get discounts on opportunities you find to buy free and catchy domains.

Especially when you are starting, it is better that you get expertise on a single niche. Then you can expand to others.


You’ve bought some domains. Now, what? Well, clients are there, and you need to let them find you. What I mean is that the domain market is not one where you can convince somebody to buy a crappie domain. There will always be GoDaddy 99 cent craps they can buy, and you cannot compete with that. After all, that was the least your investment.

If you get a really catchy name, clients will find you. You use a GoDaddy coupon to get hosting and upload a web page to let people know the domain is for sale. That is the best way to let your potential clients know it is available. Add relevant information like a contact form, or a “Buy Now” button. You can put the price on it, and that leads us to our next tip.


To set a price is scary for most starters. There is no easy way to determine how much the domain is worth since it is all perception. A domain you got with a GoDaddy 99 cent promotion might be good or not.

The auction is one of the most preferred ways to set a price, but that can scare off buyers. Unless it is a highly demanded domain, it is better to set a fixed price. Good domains with 5 letters or less in one or two catchy words can sell between 2,000 and 20,000 USD. But don’t get too excited. They are not necessarily the GoDaddy 99 cent domains. However, you might still be able to use a GoDaddy coupon.

From this amounts, prices drop quickly. Good but long domains can sell starting at around 100 USD. Look for quickly turnarounds. You might not get to sell 2,000 USD in 1 domain, but you can sell 20 domains at 100 USD. It might give you just the same profit considering the initial price.


WHOIS is the most used tool to get to know information about the site owner. GoDaddy and other companies offer a free privacy service to avoid sharing your data with the WHOIS database. That is equivalent to having a private telephone line in which the caller ID cannot scramble your number. When you want to sell a domain, you never want to get private.

Beyond that, what you want is that anyone showing some interest in the domain can contact to close the sale. A good practice is to let people know the domain is on sale from the WHOIS information. You can add the legend to the company name field for example.


Nowadays, everybody seems to be in a hurry. Indeed, time is money, so don’t waste time being unresponsive. Always answer potential clients within the next 24 hours. If you can get an immediate response, it is much better. Of course, you sleep, but by setting notifications on your smartphone, for example, will get more chances of showing responsive.

If you don’t answer quickly, your potential client might feel abandoned and change his mind for a different domain. He might even come up with the idea that lets him find a GoDaddy 99 cent domain while he waits.

Godaddy 99 cent


After a hard negotiation period, your potential client says yes. You couldn’t be happier, but you still don’t have the money with you. Set a process for selling in advance and send it to your client. It should be clear and easy. I suggest you to use an online service to secure your payment, like escrow. Also, have at hand a contract to get the detailed terms and conditions on how the transaction will proceed. This phase is critical because it is when your GoDaddy 99 cent deal will finally pay off.

How to purchase inexpensive and effective domain names

If you’re looking to purchase a new domain name, one of the deciding factors you take into consideration will of course be price, and rightfully so. Domain names aren’t always the cheapest things in the world, but if you know what you’re doing, and know when and where to look, you can still save yourself a considerable amount of money. If you’re looking to create a new business website, or even if you’re doing it for fun, you will still want a relevant and affordable domain name, so you must make sure that you know what you’re doing. Whilst some domains can be extortionately expensive, there are others that are much more affordable, especially if you follow the tips and advice that we’ll be listing for you below. Below you will find a series of tried and tested methods of saving money whilst purchasing affordable domain names that could increase traffic to your website. Take a look and see what you think.

Consider deciding factors – When purchasing a domain name, you will need to weigh up all deciding factors that could affect the overall value and price of the domain name you have your eye on. Remember, the best domain names are simple, they’re easy to remember, and they’re easy to pronounce, but they should also be relevant to your business/website content. One word names are generally more expensive, but they could still help drive traffic to your site. You may wish to go with a .org or a .net instead of .com, as these could be cheaper.

Intentional spelling mistakes could cost you traffic – There are a number of websites out there that have deliberate spelling mistakes in their name, and whilst the spelling mistakes are intentional, if you go via this route, you should prepare yourself for the fact that it could cause you to lose traffic to the correct spelled versions.

Use promo codes – Before purchasing a domain name, you should make sure that you take the time to search the web for Godaddy promo code offers and deals. Godaddy coupon codes are easy to find when you know where to look, and what’s more, they could save you a very large percentage of money. There are all kinds of Godaddy coupon codes to choose from, with each one offering different perks and benefits. For example, if you are renewing, there are Godaddy promo code deals and offers based solely on renewals. There are codes for first time users, and there are general codes. The thing to remember is that you should always search the web for promo codes and deals, as they could save you heaps of money.

Maintain control – When looking for a domain host, make sure you find one which allows you to maintain control and to make changes to your website when you need to make them. This will save you time and effort, plus it gives you creative control over your website.

How to Make Money with the Right Domain Name

Making money has become one of the most important things for people who live today. They are in search for new ways and they are in the process of developing the existing methods to make money. Among the methods which are available today for making money, businesses have become the most common and most successful way of making money. Since there is so much of competition in the business fields, people work hard and try new things to bring their business to the top. One of the most successful methods to develop your business is purchasing a domain name which is perfect for your business. By doing so you can enter to the online market and expand your business all around the world.

When it comes to choosing the right domain name to your business, there are some factors that you should need to consider. First you should look into the nature of your business or organization and then you should select a domain name which will match that nature and the domain name you select should be a one that will remain in the hearts of the people. That domain name should always be among the words of people. You can do this by promoting the site and making a great portfolio on your business. Due to these factors you will have many visitors for your website which will lead to increase the number of customers you have. This will lead you to make so much of money which you can’t even imagine. There are so many businessmen who have succeeded by following this method.

There are so many places where you can purchase a domain name. Among these places, godaddy is one of the best and most trusted places where you can find a domain name for your business. Godaddy has generated Godaddy promo code and Godaddy coupon which can be used to have discounts on the domain names that you are buying. is one of those places where you can find variety of Godaddy promo code and Godaddy coupon where you can apply them in your Godaddy purchases. Not only these promo codes and coupons, you have the chance to find Godaddy hosting coupon, cheap Godaddy domain coupons and many more services which will be contributed in your purchases.

When it comes to making money with the right domain name, there is another way around you can think of. You can buy a domain name which will match for a certain business of organization and you can sell it back for people who demand it for thousands of dollars which will give you a great profit. And you can purchase the domain names related to countries and cities which have a great demand in the domain buying and selling industry. Then you can sell them back which will return you a profit which you can’t even dream of. There are domain names which have been sold for millions of dollars. So if you can select the right domain name, you can make a lot of money by selling it back.

So these are some methods which you can use to make money with domain names. If you select the right domain name for your business, you have the chance to increase your income and make lots of money. If you select the right domain name which will be perfect on some other’s business or an organization, still you can make millions of money.

Reasons to register your domain name with Godaddy

In the exciting and ever-changing world of business, if you want to become as successful as you can possibly be, and hey, why wouldn’t you? You need to ensure that you are not only business savvy, but that you’re also technologically savvy in the process. Modern technology plays a crucial role in business and virtually all industries nowadays, and if you’re stuck in the dark ages, well, you aren’t going to get anywhere fast, whilst your competitors will leave you for dust. It doesn’t matter who you are, how big your company is, and what you’re selling, if you want to maximize your chances of success, you need to ensure you have a professional-looking website, and not only that, you need to ensure you’ve registered a professional and relevant sounding domain name in the process. This is where Godaddy come into the mix. If you’re not sure where to register your domain name, here’s a look at a few reasons to register with Godaddy.

Save money – Yep, you did read that right, if you register your domain with Godaddy, you will actually save money, and what’s more, you will save a considerable amount of money in the process, especially as more time passes by. Godaddy coupons for example, can be sourced from a number of locations, and have the potential to provide you with fantastic deals. A promo code for will also provide the same benefits, as they provide you with fantastic offers at amazing values. Godaddy deals are already cheap to begin with, but when you factor in a Godaddy promo code, or Godaddy coupons, the potential to save money increases dramatically.

No hidden catches – Another reason to consider registering your domain name with Godaddy, is the simple fact that there are no hidden catches, making the process extremely user-friendly and very straight forward. This means there are no nasty surprises in the form of hidden fees later down the road, so you can rest assured that once you’ve paid and registered, until it’s time to renew, then that will be pretty much it.

Fantastic support – Let’s face it, as amazing as modern technology is, it does have its moments when it doesn’t feel like playing ball, and sometimes it can simply be far too tricky to navigate, especially if you aren’t the most technologically savvy person in the world. The great thing about Godaddy however, is that they offer fantastic customer support, available around the clock, so if you do encounter any issues, a quick call, message, or email to them, and they’ll soon have you right back on track. Security – Another fantastic reason why you should serious consider registering your domain name with Godaddy, is the fact that they offer such fantastic safety and security in the process. Your website will contain your own personal information, personal information about your employees, and, perhaps most importantly, personal information about your customers. The last thing you want is for these details to fall into the wrong hands, and with Godaddy, you needn’t worry as the security on offer is second to none.

Unique facts about Godaddy

The world we are living in is constantly changing, evolving, and advancing at an alarming rate, with modern technology now at the forefront of virtually all business sectors, in some form or another. If you wish to get ahead in the business world, and if you wish to stay one step ahead of your competitors, you must ensure that you have a professional website, that not only looks the part, but also functions correctly and is fully optimized. The problem with that, is that, due to the fact that websites are now considered an essential commodity for businesses of all shapes and sizes, holding onto your domain name can be tricky, which is why web hosting companies such as Godaddy, are proving to be so beneficial. What’s more, with a simple Godaddy promo code, you could save yourself a significant amount of money in the process. Here’s a quick look at some unique facts about Godaddy that you may not have been aware of.

Godaddy was created by a retired individual – Nowadays, when we think of multi-million, or even multi-billion, dollar companies, they are generally all discovered by young entrepreneurs via start-ups, crowdfunding, or good old fashioned hard graft and determination. So then, it may come as a bit of a surprise to learn that Godaddy was actually discovered by a retired individual by the name of Bob Parsons. Parsons had previously sold a very successful technology company in the 90’s, and was enjoying retirement when he had an idea to launch another company by the name of Jomax Technologies, which would eventually go on and evolve into the Godaddy group.

Godaddy is extremely charitable – Most multi-million dollar companies are considered to be ruthless and greedy money-orientated organizations that would do anything to make a quick buck, so then, it is refreshing to learn that Godaddy is actually considered to be one of the most charitable companies in the entire world. Back in 2009 for example, Godaddy donated over $50,000 to the Lincoln Family Downtown YMCA, which was located in Arizona. This organization had only requested $1000, yet they received more than 50 times the amount that they had requested. Godaddy is also very charitable with its customers however, as there are Godaddy coupons, codes, discounts, sales, and much more to be had, which we’ll learn more about up next. Godaddy is great for saving money – As mentioned, virtually all businesses need a website in order to succeed, yet running a website, as well as various other business costs, certainly does not come cheap. With Godaddy however, customers can save an absolute fortune. You can easily source Godaddy coupon codes, vouchers, and various other discounts online, which will save you an absolute fortune. What’s more, you can choose different plans and packages to provide different web hosting services. If you opt for a longer running plan for example, although initially you may pay more, you will quickly make your money back and will save a very significant amount of cash in the process.

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About Godaddy

When it comes to getting ahead in the business world, having an efficient website and professional domain name is absolutely essential, which is one of the main reasons why GoDaddy coupon sales have sky-rocketed over the last few years. Whether you’re an established ecommerce outlet, or a new startup just getting up and running, a GoDaddy coupon could prove incredibly beneficial indeed. Despite the fact that they have only been in operation for around 15 years, GoDaddy are currently considered one of the most influential and beneficial hosting sites on the entire World Wide Web. GoDaddy currently provides more than 50 million domains, which is an incredibly remarkable feat. When you sign up for a domain name, after the initial agreed upon period, usually annually, the domain will expire, which means that you will need to renew your domain, which is where a GoDaddy renewal coupon would prove so incredibly useful.

How Do You Use A GoDaddy Coupon?

You may be wondering how you will utilize the GoDaddy coupon or your GoDaddy renewal promo code! This is actually dependent upon the type of discount you found and where you found it.  How do you utilize them? · Many times all you should do is click the web link as well as you'll be transferred to the buying cart where it's automatically applied. · You might need to enter a string of numbers and letters, or a particular word. This have to be done manually -- inputting it in or copying and also pasting it. Make sure your order shows the inputted code prior you hit the submit button on the order. If it doesn’t reflect a cheaper price, it’s possible the code no longer works. If that holds true,, you’ll need to find another one. Are you ready to have the best possible website domain name? If so, then need to check out GoDaddy. Take advantage of the website’s already affordable  prices, and get them even lower with a GoDaddy coupon.

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