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Top Domain Name Search Criteria: Below are the few important points need to be taken care of while top domain name searching for your website or company as it can be used as your identity on business cards, marketing brand names, promotional materials, etc. It acts like a useful branding tool for your business.

Domain name should be tightly coupled with your company name. For example if you are running a supermarket having name as SuperSaleMarket. So, while choosing domain name if you get the same domain name as your supermarket name, then it would be wonderful. But most of the time finding same domain name is not possible, so you need chose a domain name which is very close to your supermarket name such as MaxSaleMarket, SuperShopMarket, SuperSaleMarkets, etc.

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You can have a domain name which is search engine friendly. First find out some good keywords and look for it’s position in search engine indexing. If keyword is really having good index number, then you can go for that to be included in the domain name.

These days different kinds of domain names are available which can be post-fixed with .com, .net, .org, .info, .me, etc. So, finding a right one is based upon your budget and how closely it is going to be related with your website or business.

Lot of times while top domain name searching, we look for the domain name for which .com, .net, .org, .info, etc is available and register all of these at the same time so that you can have complete control on the domain name brand.

Domain name should be easily remembered, should be short and give some kind of unique impression to your businees/website.

Sometimes we find a domain which is already owned by someone else. In that case you can request for buying the domain from other party is it is possible, otherwise need to look for other one which is closely bound.

Sometimes even past history of domain name impacts the future businees. So it’s really a good idea to know the history behind the domain such as when the domain was created, who were the owners, the businesses it was related too, etc.

Domain name acts like a identity for business/website and most of the times it effects you image in front of others. So you need to be very smart and careful to find a best one.

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