Why Your Website Has Been Hacked and How to Protect It

We all take a long time and lots of money building a website from the ground up. If you are among the lucky ones, you could have landed a Godaddy coupon and made good use of its chapel price. However, with Godaddy will give you the chance to utilize the opportunity of having your own site, you could be a victim of a hack. Having a website alone is not enough to protect your site from a hack. Here, we give you reasons why you could get hacked and how to prevent that.

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website Hacked


Reasons for Being Hacked

Some of the reasons why your site could get hacked include;

  • Access Through a Third Party

You may create a great website but have third parties install items such as widgets and plugins. While the rest of the website will be secure, the third party software will make your site vulnerable to hackers. It becomes even more difficult since most websites may require the third party software to function accordingly. Hackers will exploit the faults in these pieces of software and enter your website to compromise it.

  • Poor Local Computer Security

Given that your website relies on the computer to operate well, it will take little effort to hack your site once a hacker has administrative access to your computer. They will thus make the most of the access to reach your computer and all the information stored there. Their actions will often render you to create a website meaningless unless you had taken the right measures to stop the hack.

  • Server Hacks

Their is a high likelihood that you will be sharing a server with another person or other people. As a matter of fact, you require to share a server with other users. When a hacker manages to enter the shared server, they can launch an attack on any website of their choice including yours. Yours may just be one of the many that will suffer from such an attack. Most servers are secure but you never know what skills your hacker has to launch an attack on all people using a shared server.

  • Vulnerabilities in the Applications

Most people who make use of either WordPress or Joomla to host their services. However, the same services may be liable to hacks by people with evil intentions. However, both Joomla and WordPress have put in place measures that will keep your website going on for a long time to come. You may not need to worry about these types of hacks since the applications are very secure.

  • ¬†How to Protect your Site from the Hacks

Once your website is ready, you need to take a few measures to make sure you stay safe at all times. They include;

  • Installing Secure Third Party Applications

With your website, only allow secure plugins and widgets to be installed on your website. Only third party software from recognized and secure vendors should be allowed on your site since they decide between having your site at the mercy of the hackers or having a secure site that will have high levels of uptime.

  • Install Antivirus Software on your Computer

When your computer has the latest antivirus from a reputable vendor, be sure that it will be secure from the common hacks out here. Companies known to make great software to keep your computer safe from malware and other malicious pieces of software will also keep your website safe from hacks that have been occasioned by breaches to the computer before accessing the files to the website. Having the best antivirus software without having it updated often will still leave you open for a hack by today’s hackers who keep looking for vulnerabilities to exploit.

  • Secure Server of Have your Own Server

While paying for your own server may cost you a fortune, it will also help keep you safe from most hacks that start from a shared server. The money you will pay to have your own server goes a long way in increasing the level of security you have. By the time someone hacks your personal server, they could have had access from one of the users themselves. Otherwise, your own server will keep you secure at all times. Better still, you can share a server with few people willing to pay a premium for their security.

  • Go for Secure Applications

While both Joomla and WordPress are secure applications to use for your website, most people recommend the use of WordPress over other similar applications. The level of professionalism exhibited by WordPress has made it the favorite for many users all cross the globe. The popularity of WordPress also makes it the most secure of them all. With most people having WordPress as their application of choice, you can go further by having a managed account that will be kept secure and up to date by a team of appointed experts that free you from that hassle.

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