6 Factors to Consider When Choosing Web Hosting Packages

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6 Factors to Consider When Choosing Web Hosting 

Building a website is important. For many people, it is a way of living. For others, it is just a hobby. No matter what is your approach, pick which company you will decide to build up a relationship with carefully. To help you choose, we’ve prepared a guide with 6 factors to consider when choosing web hosting packages.Your original choice should be for life. Don’t forget to use a GoDaddy promo code to buy your first package. On the following years, you can find a suitable GoDaddy renewal coupon or a GoDaddy renewal promo code to continue to enjoy discounts.


Why do you need a website? That is the main question, and it should be your focus point. There are hosting companies that specialize in particular needs. For example, if you are a startup, then you don’t need the sort of power and services that a transnational company with 5000 employees worldwide. Or if you are a blogger, you won’t want the kind of services an online sales company would need.

It all depends on who you are. Certain vendors can address almost any need. That is the case of the hosting services from GoDaddy. They have a different package to address all needs and budget. And speaking about the budget, you could save your money, and use it to drive more traffic to your page if you take advantage of a GoDaddy promo code. Just look for a valid code because they change every month.

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If you are paying for a web hosting service, to get some sort of warranty is desirable. You don’t want to take your time to build a website and then have problems with it due to the server. Not just look for a 99% uptime or more which are what most vendors offer, but also ask how is this achieved.

A reliable provider will be open to show you the insights of his data center. Redundant hardware elements, security, certifications, redundant sites, energy backup and redundant telecom links are just some of the things they can show you to prove they can keep their word. A written contract with their promise is the only way they are legally required to comply, and a penalization is a dream most users don’t have. Of course, all those things cost money. Small clients can only compare the features each vendor offers, and negotiations are difficult because only a small amount of space is rented.

Your hosting server is like the land to build your house. What would happen if you buy a land that sinks over time? What if it floods? Your house will be at risk. It is the same with the server. You want to have it for life. You don’t want to look at the second year of the contract for a new land to move your home to. It is possible, but if you can avoid it, do it.

To continue living on the same land, you’ll need renewal. Analyze renewal options and costs too. Remember that you can use a GoDaddy renewal coupon or another GoDaddy renewal promo code to continue using GoDaddy as your web hosting service.

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Once you have compared all of the above relevant information, it is time to use your GoDaddy promo code to buy a web hosting package. You can get discounts of around 30%, and if you are lucky to find a really good promo, it can go down up to 90% off.

Once you’ve found the right vendor, it is better to keep going with it the following years, because changing your site host can be a nightmare. Use a GoDaddy renewal coupon to continue your subscription.


Some web hosting packages include some security features. Compare which ones include antivirus, security services, and code scanning. There are also relevant security updates and plugins which may be included.

If there are no security features in the web hosting package that suits you, add the costs of having them with a separate vendor to analyze the real total cost.


Although most companies offer e-mail services, you’d better be sure. Check if the web hosting package you are considering includes an e-mail scheme. If it doesn’t, then look for a separate vendor or choose to use another e-mail solution.

To have a YourName@YourCompany.com e-mail shows, you are serious business. It is highly recommended, and it shouldn’t cost much. In the other hand, when e-mail communication is critical for your company, you might want to look for a complete solution like Google mail services or exchange. They are more expensive than the regular IMAP option, but the synchronization features are worthy.

For business continuity, and to keep on with your e-mail account as well as your hosted site, you can use a GoDaddy renewal coupon to have some attractive discounts for the following years.


Compare all add-ons included on your package and rate them according to your particular needs. Which ones are you willing to pay for? A GoDaddy promo code will let you buy any package with your preferred Add-ons. Those features rate better than others that are just something that you could explode, but not yet. Then, there are the interesting features and fancy settings. At last are the add-ons you will not use even if they are free. They don’t count to the hosting package rating.

The most commonly included features for free are domain privacy, e-mail accounts, regular backups and energy saving features. More advanced features offered for free include advanced e-mail accounts and security features. Check on the renewal conditions, in particular for the last add-ons, because they might not be part of the price for the following years and it might cost you some extra bucks. To save some money on that field, you can use a GoDaddy renewal promo code.

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